According to FIST, the #333 Police Training Suit is capable of receiving blows from real weapons (PR‐24, Asp, etc.) at full power without endangering the trainer. This allows the officers in training to become accustomed to their street weapons on a human target. It also gives the trainee the sense of timing, speed and weight that accompanies a real weapon. This can be very important in preventing injuries to both police officers and citizens.


The #300 PRO TRAINER is a small step below the protection level of the #333. It is made with the same outer shell as the #333 but has half the thickness of foam on the inside of the suit. This allows for a more flexible suit with less bulk.


This suit is a half‐weight, half‐protection version of the #333. It's Fist's answer to those who don't intend to use real weapons in training but want a strong and extremely versatile training suit. Although the protection level of the #99TS is quite good compared to the usual on‐the‐market suit, it is considered lightweight compared to the #333. It will protect you from fake or soft sticks.