In cooperation with its partners (Intertech & Beware Cyberlabs) and based on several years of experience and continuous R&D in cyber security, Elite Tactical has the ultimate capabilities to integrate and deploy cyber security solutions adopted by many governmental organizations.

  • Cyber Security Operations Center and Network Operations Center (SOC/NOC)
  • Cyber training and simulation platform
  • Turnkey Digital Forensic Laboratories (Fixed and Mobile)
  • Secure Infrastructures (Data Centers, etc.)
  • Cyber Security Consultancy and Services

Cyber Training and Simulation Center

“CYTRA” is a multi-purpose Cyber Training Platform for the continuous capacity building of cyber-staff of an organisation

Cyber Research & Intelligence Center

"CYDES" has been designed to lure and trap hackers and fool them into believing they are hacking a legitimate IT system, with the aim to capture their traffic, either to carry on technical investigations or for legal reasons.

“CATIS” is a Cyber Attack and Incident Simulator designed and developed by BEWARE CYBERLABS to test the security posture of an IT infrastructure and the readiness of the incident response team handling cyber crisis.

Cyber Training and Simulation Center

CYGHT is a turnkey solution designed for discovery and mapping of IT assets and equipment on large scale infrastructures.

CYGHT will improve network analysis, vulnerability assessment and required fixes deployment in supervised networks and connected assets.