The UAV Centre of Excellence will act as a single point for potential customers from around the world to see systems in action. Customers will contract with the Centre for systems, training, support and innovative/ upgrading consultancy.

Elite Tactical will seek to secure UAE permission to fly unmanned systems beyond-line-of-sight. This will give the Centre a huge advantage as there are very few places in the world where drones can be flown this way by non-government operators.

Elite Tactical will bring best-in-breed unmanned systems from around the world to the Centre of Excellence to create a unique educational ecosystem that combines interactive learning with cutting-edge research, strong industry collaboration and entrepreneurship.

What We Envision:

  1. Research & Development of UAVs Technologies
  2. Manufacturing & Products, Prototypes and Systems Testing
  3. Expert Drone Technologies Provider
  4. Demonstration Center
  5. Service & Maintenance Center
  6. Forensic Laboratory
  7. Comprehensive Training Courses

First Center in the Middle East offering comprehensive Training Courses on Drone Technologies!

Research & Development of UAVs Solutions

  • Our Resources: Professors, Inventors, Vendors, Companies, Consultants and Integration Teams.
  • Our research team will continuously observe market developments and work on new products anticipating future demands and potential gains in efficiency.
  • Create and maintain a database with all relevant drone related technologies.
  • Provide recommendations and consultation for Regulatory Authorities.
  • Think Tank:  In  dialog  with  representatives  from  different  sectors,  ideas  or  needs   can   also   be   taken   up   by   the   research   team   and   lead   to   the development of suitable products
    • Develop new state-of-the-art technologies for military and non- military deployment
    • Competing internationally with available & emerging technologies
    • Support Defence Strategies of the regional actors

Manufacturing & Products, Prototypes and Systems Testing

  • Test available products and solutions from leading manufacturers deemed viable for the regional market
  • Manufacture and semi-manufacture drone prototypes

Expert Drone Solutions Provider

  • Serve military  and  non-military  bodies  to  identify  their  requirements  and recommend appropriate technologies and integrated solutions to meet their demands
  • The comprehensive database will provide these clients with all the products currently available  in  the  market  and  allow  them  to  compare  technical specifications, reliability and price differences
  • Awareness Sessions   on   available   or   upcoming   technologies   for   various industries to guide them in smart investment decisions
  • DEFENCE &  SECURITY  –  Provide  full  design  and  develop  powerful solutions to protect against hostile drones using detection radars, RF and cameras along with state-of-the-art AI solutions protecting from all potential threats.

Expert Drone Solutions Provider

  • Indoors:
    • Command Center
    • Software Capabilities
    • AI Decisions
  • Outdoors:
    • Flying Drones
    • Drone Features
    • Radar / RF / Camera Detection

Service & Maintenance Center

  • Regular maintenance to lower the chances of accidents
  • Inspect drones before and after flight
  • Updating firmware
  • Customization
  • Keep spare parts for replacements
  • Provide a workshop for maintenance and repairs
  • Available Engineers in the region

Training Courses

  • Drones & Robotics Introduction
  • Programming Drones
  • Flight practice using different drone models (normal and fixed wings)
  • Assembly and Maintenance (make your own drone)
  • Features (Camera, Infra-red, Thermal, etc.)
  • Working with drones in the government as a police officer (application for military, advantages, disadvantages, practical cases, etc.)
  • Defence of Critical Infrastructure and Security Protocols for Drone Attacks
  • Forensic Analysis