Even though Elite Tactical is proud to be the ONLY company that is specialized in providing all-around training solutions and comprehensive solutions in terms of training products and services that have been developed to enhance the fighters’ battlefield readiness, The Acute Reality Based Training is the main source of Elite’s driving force. The Acute Reality Based Training is considered to be the tip of the pyramid of the general Force on Force Method of Military and Law Enforcement Training as it places the fighters in realistic training scenarios that induce the same stress levels which they might face in live operations.

In this vain, military and law enforcement agencies are bestowed the responsibility to carry firearms for the purpose of protecting the society and the country as a whole. In order for these warriors to utilize their weapons judicially and functionally, they must be trained in the most realistic manner possible. This must include the ability to utilize the firearm while operating under extreme acute stress states. Failure to train officers and soldiers to function in an acute stress state could lead to catastrophic results when real firearms and IEDs encounters occur.

Over the years, the traditional RBT systems failed to develop the necessary skills and abilities the soldier and officer require to handle real firearms and IEDs encounters.

Following a thorough understanding of the clients’ need and the shortcomings of the traditional RBT systems, Elite Tactical established long term partnerships and exclusive agreements with the world most creative RBT service providers who managed to close the market gap through unparalleled solutions which gave rise to a new era in reality based training. These strategic partnerships were augmented by the extensive experience and knowledge of Elite Tactical management in the RBT domain which is uniquely positioned Elite Tactical as the SOLE Acute RBT products and services provider geared to offer unmatched consultancy and training services to its clients in the MENA region.