Elite Tactical is specialized in developing the legal, procedural and training manuals related to the Use of Force

a. The Legal Aspect of the Use of Force

Possibly one of the most controversial issues in Law Enforcement field is the proper application of the use of force. Hence, the Law Enforcement work is a very dynamic work and the responsibilities of the Officers are critical since they often need to take decisions in very stressful situations. The results of poor decision making in dangerous situations can be very devastating. Therefore, to enable Law Enforcement Officers in the public to make the right decisions, the officer should be trained and current in the use of force at all times. This currency involves not only the physical skills such as self defense, arrest tactics and shooting but also mental skills such as knowledge of the laws and regulations, decision making under pressure, and suspect analytical study.

Officers must have an understanding of, and true appreciation for, the limitations of their authority. This is especially true with respect to officers overcoming resistance while engaged in the performance of their duties.

We at Elite Tactical recognize and respecting the value of human life and dignity without prejudice to anyone. We also understand that vesting officers with the authority to use reasonable force and protect the public welfare requires a careful balancing of human interests.

Therefore, Elite along with its international partners and panel of SMEs has worked as a consultant for number of governmental entities and developed a policy which recognizes that the use of force requires constant evaluation. The purpose of the policy is to provide the guidelines on the reasonable use of force. While there is no way to specify the exact amount or type of reasonable force to be applied in any situation, each officer is expected to use these guidelines to make such decisions in a professional, impartial, and safe manner.

b. Use of Force Training

Elite Tactical is specialized in developing training programs and manuals related to the Use of Force as per the clients’ needs and constraints. And once approved by the client, Elite conducts the training courses up to the highest international standards through its specialized and qualifies teams.