The Reality Based Training System-RBT, Survival Battle System-SBS, Stress Exposure Training-SET and Scenario Based Training-SBT are training system based on Stress Inoculation Science aiming at increasing fighters’ skills in dealing with psychological pressure and stress resulting from being exposed to various kinds of live operational stress (Time, Distance from threat, Task load, Threat, Novelty, Role conflict, Role Ambiguity, Coordination Demands, Noise, Performance pressure, Pain) in order to avoid or reduce the extent of consequences arising from such pressure and stress (such as losing focus, inability to think, surrendering to the situation as a result of severe emotional and physiological effects defeating the combat capabilities of the fighter).

These distinguished and unique Systems are very important for their effects in narrowing the gap between what the fighters learn and what they can implement during real life operations, as these Systems grant attention to the following aspects when building fighters:


Skill Aspect SKILL

Through perfecting physical engagement skills required during live operations where the fighter is subject to severe stress and pressure resulting from live operations;

Tactical Aspect

Through enhancing the ability to perform battlefield engagement skills in close confined spaces and close quarter battle under extreme operational circumstances;

Psychological and Neurological Aspect

Through developing fear management and the management of psychological and neurological stress which is caused by contact with enemy and the duration of the actual engagement during live operations;

Situational Awareness Aspect

From an operational point of view through awareness of all types of ambushes (IED “Improvised Explosive Device” & Mines, sniper, edge weapon, and sudden body collisions during raids).

The following diagram (A.A Kami Principle) illustrates and summarizes the fighter’s development phases through comparing them to the pottery making phases. Elite Tactical through this diagram identified the training gap which is considered one of the main concerns in most training centers around the world and accordingly presented the solution through number of “Acute Reality Based Training Programs” that aim at bridging this gap.