a. StressVest

StressVest is the world’s first non projectile, force on force, firearm tactical training system capable of creating stress through a pain penalty without fear of projectile injury for training Law Enforcement Officers and Military Soldiers. The system utilizes training firearms that fire a laser pulse which activates the StressVest when it strikes center mass. Depending on the setting, the vest will either deliver a vibration or a safe, localized shock to the abdomen.

b. StressX Tactical

The StressX Tactical is specifically designed for CQT training such as room clearing, hostage rescue and building searches where firearm engagement occurs within 45 feet of the adversary. Role players are outfitted with a specific Role Player StressVest that is designed to be hidden under a single layer of clothing and will only activate when accurate shot placement is displayed by your operators. Add the face sensor to your role player and create hyper realistic body armour drills.

c. StressX Elite

Utilizing safe, localized and adjustable electrical impulses, the StressX ELITE M.I.L.E.S is the world’s most advanced haptic feedback system for combative training. Designed to meet the rigors of military training, the StressX ELITE M.I.L.E.S. can be integrated with existing M.I.L.E.S. gear, StressVest receivers, and/or MIL‐SIM‐FX and Explotrain Training IED’s.