StressVest has partnered with some of the world’s leaders in the designing and supplying non-pyrotechnic simulation training IED devices such as MIL-SIM-FX and Explotrain, to create the world’s first fully integrated IED training system with a pain penalty. A pain penalty can now be delivered during active shooter and other Military/ Law Enforcement scenario based training, taking it to a whole new level without fear of projectile injury for training Military Soldiers and Law Enforcement Officers. Preset “kill radius” from 0 ft to 100 ft and all StressVests within that radius will be activated upon detonation.

When the StressVests are activated they will deliver either a pain penalty (shock) or vibration depending how they have been set up by the Instructor. Place the StressVest in Injured Officer Mode for added training benefit of teaching fighters the proper mindset for winning encounters.

Blank Fire Training System

StressVest® has partnered with UTM™ to create StressVest® UTM™ Blocked Barrel Conversion Kits that are compatible with a StressVest® laser insert. With each blank round fired, the laser insert will emit an eye safe red laser pulse that will activate the StressVest®.

StressX™ PRO belt

Delivers a safe, localized, fully adjustable shock through clothing or a vibration for role players.

Side Panels

The addition of the side panels rewards students for incapacitation hits to the vital organs on the side of the body.

MIL-SIM-FX and Explotrain are the world’s leading provider of safe, non-pyro, reusable, IED detection/reaction training simulators that create an effective audio and visual report for Military and Law Enforcement agencies worldwide. A completely modular platform allows for the IED Field Simulators provided by MIL-SIM-FX and Explotrain to be incorporated into a full range of training applications including Active Shooter, Suicide Bomber, MOUT, Convoy and Live Fire Training. The products are designed to produce the look and feel of IED threats, while eliciting the appropriate physiological and psychological response associated with an attack.



Allows officers/soldiers to train under a state of acute stress creating schemes that will dramatically increase their ability to survive a deadly force encounter with firearms and IED.

No Projectile

Greater safety, less cost, no clean up, no need for special training facility.


Does NOT require any special safety equipment. Thus, creating more realistic training.

Various Training Modes

Patent pending software offers training modes never before seen in RBT dynamic scenarios. Adjustable pain penalty that allows the instructor to set the penalty to the appropriate level of the trainee being trained.


Allows for training in the actual environment that law enforcement and military conduct their business without worry of damage or messy clean up.

Elite Tactical leveraged on the integration between these renowned systems, and created a number of customized and fully integrated Urban and Convoy IED training packages to meet the specific needs of its target local customers.

The following is a schematic representation of the comprehensive booby trap scenarios which integrates all kinds of possible booby traps the tactical teams might encounter in real life scenarios with all the special features of the Stressvest to induce the required fear on the fighter in an adjustable and controllable manner. The special features of the Stressvest to induce the required fear on the fighter in an adjustable and controllable manner.

The following figure provides another example on StressVest/ IED Field Simulators kit in action. As shown, the IED simulators replicate the audio and visual threats found in modern conflicts, which activates simultaneously the physical StressVest effect.