Is your training knife capable of inducing the necessary fear and stress required for realistic training? If not, you are not adequately preparing your people to survive edged weapon attacks. When it comes to training, your people deserve the best and most advanced training tools in the world. For edged weapons training, that tool is the Shocknife.

The Shocknife (patented) is an ingenuous balance between safety and performance. The composite blade is incapable of cutting. It delivers a localized shock that causes pain, but not serious injury or incapacitation.

After several years of extensive research, Shocknife Inc. has developed the Shocknife Spontaneous Edged Weapon Defense Instructor Course. This course is unlike any other edged weapon course being offered today. Shocknife filmed scenario after scenario of spontaneous attacks to identify how a human with minimal training will actually respond in these situations. The result is a system that accepts the natural human response and builds in a cognitive response once the brain has “caught up”.

The system focuses specifically on sudden, unanticipated edged weapon attacks when the officer is not consciously prepared to respond.