After years of thorough studies, the experts of Elite Tactical and its partners succeeded in integrating the most important features of the MILES System with the most important features of the SV/MIL-SIM-FX System in order to produce the most ideal system in the world to build and develop the fighter, i.e. Elite Tactical Matrix for Special Forces/ Infantry (ET. MATRIX), that has guaranteed the realistic and interactive effect of the MILES System, as well as the necessary ranges and training operational duration for the StressVest, so the System became ideal through its training comprehensiveness and simulation of operational reality as the most influential operational levels are more efficiently covered (Advance Training Level – Reality Based Training Level – Tactical Training Level).

Henceforth, the ET. MATRIX includes all effective and impacting operational training aspects, thereby bridging the gap between the skills being learned by the fighters and what they can actually do under neurological and psychological stress on the real operational battlefield, which shall have a huge effect on fighters’ combat readiness.

Characteristics of the ET. MATRIX

  1. Generates localized pain penalty hits to the person whose MILES Vest has been activated by way of exposure to injury. The System does not only emit audio signals but it gives the opportunity (through the generation of safe pain penalty through the abdomen belt and hand straps) to create realistic levels of psychological and neurological stress on the fighter during training, simulating the levels of stress that will be encountered during the live operations which may greatly affect his performance due to physiological and psychological changes resulting from the said stress, which compels fighters to act and react as if they are in live operations.
  2. It is considered to be state-of-the-art technology as it has achieved technical advancement with a minimization of the laser cone effect, which shall increase the accuracy requirements during shooting training.
  3. Provides an interactive integration with the reality based explosive systems through an interactive explosive simulation system pertaining to booby-traps and improvised explosives devices (IED’s).
  4. Provides an operational explosive simulation with sound-effects of reality based explosive blast.
  5. Provides shooting simulation system for various light and medium weapons.
  6. Provides a training area designed according to the topography of the required area of operations, which shall be considered the comprehensive platform for all the aforementioned systems as it was designed by a group of specialized experts.
  7. A system that measures the heart rate changes due to the stress, which would help reporting the training intangible outputs to those in charge of the training program in order to amend the future training inputs as needed.