The new innovative Elite Tactical Kill Houses Matrix has changed the urban Training arena in a very cost effective way offering one of the most effective CQB Training through its unique features and effects.

The following are the ET.KH Matrix main characteristics and components:

  1. Light, robust, adjustable and mobile structure;
  2. Embedded IED Simulations both Interactive and Operational to simulate the IED and booby traps effect;
  3.  Audio System simulating the real operations and human interactions (crying, screaming, talking, shouting, etc…)
  4. Equipped with Airwave System which can simulate more than 500 scents (Mechanical / Munitions,
    Food, Environmental, Body, Mood);
  5.  Heart Rate Monitoring System to monitor the trainees stress level during the training session;
  6. Smoke machine Systems to resemble the real operation environment;
  7. Pain Penalty System to mimic the Live Firing Shooting during operations between Trainees and Role Players;
  8. Professionally trained Role Players equipped with protective Spartan Suits and laser vest which registers the location and the time of the hit on their bodies;
  9. Full spectrum of special purpose furniture to mimic the real environment.