With a great pride, Elite Tactical & its sister company Speedia have created the Functional Circuit Training Matrix which is considered the most effective Matrix for the army and police forces.

FCTM Aspects

  1. Ideal for battle field physical readiness.
  2. Accommodates large number of trainees: 144 – 288 trainees in each training session.
  3. Economical in terms of building and operation cost as well as the number of instructors needed.
  4. The system has been designed so it can be easily implemented and managed.
  5. The system is designed so that it can be deployed and installed in a relatively short time so that it is aligned with the forces requirements such as relocation and annual exercises.
  6. To ensure the enhancement of the team spirit and to spread enthusiasm among trainees with low levels of physical fitness; the program and stations within the FCTM system have been designed to accommodate people with high and low levels of fitness simultaneously and does not adversely affect any of them.
  7. The program has been designed based on the recommendations and research conducted by NATO and
    Russian Army in the field of physical readiness of their forces.
  8. The program has been designed so it can be easily aligned with the general program, it also has the ability to provide a comprehensive solution to the concerned units.

What are the Components of the FCTM?

1. Training Equipment

2. Training Programs and Manuals

3. Train The Trainers Courses


The FCTM system has been designed according to the most common and frequent tasks of the NATO forces where it strengthens the most important muscle groups and physical abilities for operational physical readiness.