ET.AV (Elite Tactical Ambush Vehicles) are modified vehicles capable of hosting MIL-SIM-FX training equipment to be used in various reaction training scenarios that include mounted suicide bombers or to simulate an attack on a convoy or even a suspected vehicle that is parked on the side of a road. The clients have great confidence on the effectiveness of this product and therefore, the ET. AV has been used by number of different forces and units in UAE and other countries in the region.

Elite Tactical Anti- Ambush Vehicle System Characteristics

  • Capable of simulating real ambush vehicles.
  • ET.AV Matrix training equipment is very safe taking into consideration that the visual and auditory effects are non-pyro and can be reused repeatedly.
  • It helps in exposing combatants to high levels of psychological and physiological stress that they might encounter in live operations.
  • The visual and auditory effects help in increasing combatant’s heart rate which makes training more realistic.
  • The only training system that has the option of producing a safe localized pain penalty.
  • Can be wirelessly activated from a distance of 800 meters as well as connected to external triggers in order to simulate booby traps.
  • The system is very diverse in terms of numbers and types of scenarios that can be executed.
  • Integrated with any MILES System.

ET.AV (Elite Tactical Ambush Vehicles) - Reaction Scenario, Assaulting a Military Gate